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Wrinkles on your face: how to reduce and counteract them

The first wrinkles on the face are a sign of time passing, which begins to manifest itself on a cutaneous level, giving rise to small grooves and a gradual loss of tone accompanying the natural process of ageing. Spurred on by a variety of factors, excluding time, the onset of wrinkles can be accelerated by assorted phenomena. These include unsafe exposure to UV rays, a lack of daily skincare or inadequate hydration.

The first step to reducing or counteracting fine lines is to follow an anti-ageing skincare routine every day. The Biotherm laboratories have therefore formulated a selection of anti-ageing products to choose from depending on your needs: effective and intensive treatments that work intensely within the skin to restore tone, elasticity and youth.

A cream treatment to revitalise and create a youthful appearance

The first and foremost step in anti-ageing skincare is the daily and continued application of a nourishing cream. This provides the skin with deep hydration, preserving the defensive lipids that protect the skin while maintaining its moisture. Combining revitalising properties with this key nourishing factor,Biotherm offers the Blue Therapy Amber Revitalize cream in both day and night versions.

For your morning routine, the Biotherm Blue Therapy Amber Revitalize Day cream is great for preparing your face, even for make-up application, and leaves a subtle radiant patina produced by reflective micro-pearls which illuminate the complexion. With a light yet rich consistency, the nourishing cream offers long-lasting hydration with a smoothing and revitalising effect. After just a few applications, the face appears younger thanks to the beneficial properties of Amber Algae, a natural ingredient that restores the skin's tone and elasticity. For the evening, Biotherm Blue Therapy Amber Revitalize Night cream repairs, strengthens and regenerates the skin with a rich and thick texture that provides deep hydration whilst you sleep. With revitalising Amber Algae, Laminaria Ochroleuca and a combination of natural nutrients including shea butter, rice bran oil and calcium, it instantly leaves the skin soft, smooth and visibly plumped.

An anti-wrinkle serum for every need

Whilst creams are a fundamental product in an anti-wrinkle skincare routine, the same goes for serums, which—thanks to their concentrated formulas—trigger immediate beneficial responses that make the skin appear more youthful in a short space of time. For effective treatment, Biotherm has designed two complimentary products that are suitable respectively for morning and evening skincare routines. For the daytime, start with the Blue Therapy Accelerated serum.

These habits include using the right products like the Biotherm serum, a restorative formula infused with Alaria Esculenta which is effective against wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness after just 4 weeks. The Blue Retinol Night serum is recommended for night-time application. This product combines the same formula with a percentage of pure retinol and Life Plankton, a powerful regenerative active ingredient of natural origin in Biotherm's expert arsenal. With an intensive and immediate anti-wrinkle effect, it's the perfect anti-ageing product for renewing and illuminating the skin.

Taking care of our bodies and skin every day is the elixir of youth recommended by Biotherm experts , who have put together a range of tailor-made products with a series of infallible tips. For elastic, firm and radiant skin that shows no signs of ageing, the Biotherm products are must-have skincare treatments.

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