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Eau Collection

The Eau Collections refreshing body mists are lightly fragranced to provide your skin with a revitalized scent that you'll love to use on a daily basis.

The Eau Collections

The Eau Collections

11 products
11 products

Eau Vitaminée Eau de Toilette

Refreshing body mist with a revitalizing fragrance

Eau Pure Shower Gel

Shower gel with a vivifying fragrance

One size only for Eau Pure Shower Gel

Eau Pure Eau de Toilette

Refreshing Body mist with a vivifying fragrance

Biomains Vitaminé

Anti-dullness hand & nail care with Niacinamide

One size only for Biomains Vitaminé

Eau Vitaminée Body Milk

Refreshing and uplifting body milk

One size only for Eau Vitaminée Body Milk

Eau Pure Body Milk

Vivifying & hydrating body milk

One size only for Eau Pure Body Milk

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