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Biotherm, Blue Beauty
Blue Biotech meets Blue Sustainability

Nature, amplified.

Blue Biotech is Biotherm’s expertise
for sustainable ingredients and products
that are more natural, potent and safe.

We believe in leveraging
science and technology to amplify
the power of nature.

We are continuously working towards having a greater positive impact on the industry and our future. With a holistic Blue Beauty vision, we harness Blue Biotech to create products that are good for your skin and more respectful of the planet.

Life Plankton™ Probiotic Fraction

Life Plankton™ probiotic fraction has been at the core of our products since Biotherm started its journey. It embodies our biotech expertise perfectly.
Our exclusive active helps strengthen the skin barrier, stimulates skin metabolism and preserves skin structure. We use it in all of our skincare products.
You can find it under our ingredients list under vitreoscilla filiformis.

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