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The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans swore by one of the oldest facial treatments - a facial massage. And it can do so much more than just relax you. Here, we will tell you how you can effectively prevent wrinkles with the right massage strokes, what facial yoga is all about, and which serums and creams are particularly suitable for massaging.

04 Jul 2022


 Woman with hand on face


It sounds almost too good to be true. So, the bad news first: there is no scientific evidence that proves deep wrinkles can be counteracted with a facial massage. Your skin is aging because the skin starts to break down its own collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic in the mid-20s. Furthermore, the pressure you apply during a facial massage does not form collagen, elastin, or hyaluronic acid[1].

The good news: facial massages don't get rid of deep wrinkles, but they still have positive effects on your skin and soul. Furthermore, the right massage strokes in combination with anti-aging creams or serums prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Closeup woman face massage


A facial massage is wonderfully soothing, invigorating and calming. Can the following five benefits convince you to treat yourself to a little time out for a massage more often?

  • Whether using your hands or a massage tool, most massage strokes improve lymphatic flow. The lymphatic vessels are massaged and swelling goes down[2]. This works especially well if you suffer from puffy, tired eyes.
  • Furthermore, the facial massage stimulates blood circulation: your skin looks rosier, fresher, and visibly more refreshed.
  • The metabolism also works at full speed when you get a facial massage: since toxins can be better removed,[3] the massage promotes clear skin and effectively counteracts pimples and other skin impurities.
  • Not only your neck can get stiff - your facial and jaw muscles are also prone to tension due to stress, one-sided chewing and other factors. A gentle facial massage loosens your muscles for relaxed, cheerful facial expressions. Just five minutes a day is enough to relax the permanently stressed facial muscles.
  • Spa moments: if you regularly perform facial massages, it will also have a positive effect on your soul and stress levels. The stress hormone level decreases, which, in the long run, provides your skin with better nutrients and oxygen.


But it can be even more effective: with suitable creams, serums, and massage tools you can further support the positive effects of the facial massage.

face serum

Did you know?

Since a facial massage promotes blood circulation, the skin can optimally absorb the active ingredients of your anti-aging products. Therefore, incorporate a short daily massage session into your skincare routine to prevent the appearance of new lines or wrinkles.

To do this, after cleansing, apply a few drops of a regenerating serum, such as the Life Plankton™ Elixir and massage it into your skin with special massage strokes. The hyaluronic acid serum with the unique Biotherm active ingredient Life Plankton™ reduces the signs of aging and provides noticeably smoother skin which is visibly more radiant.

Anti-aging creams with highly concentrated active ingredients, such as the Biotherm Blue Pro-Retinol Multi-Correct Cream are wonderful for massages. The lightweight formula with retinol effectively counteracts lines and wrinkles, and supports the natural regeneration of the skin. It also makes your complexion appear visibly finer and more even.


Jade Roller and Products

If you want to try a facial massage for the first time, it makes sense to perform simple massage strokes with your fingers. Later, you can add massage tools to further pamper your skin. Countless beauty bloggers currently swear by jade rollers, gua sha stones, and more. And not without reason: the handy massage gems stimulate lymph flow and blood circulation, emphasize the facial contours, and thus provide a lifting effect:

Advantages of the Jade Roller:

  • optimal for massage beginners
  • practical for larger areas
  • pressure can be controlled well thanks to the rolling system

Advantages of the Gua Sha Stone:

  • more flexible handling
  • also gets into hard-to-reach places
  • ideal for "lifting" the contours of the face
  • handy for a "to-go" massage


If you don't have any massage tools at hand, the following massage techniques will help you. Combine them as you like and repeat each stroke about ten times.

By the way: the facial massage is particularly relaxing if you incorporate it into your evening routine. This way you can switch off from the day, and serums or creams, which you work into the skin with the massage, can exert their full effect overnight.

Massage stroke #1: put an end to tired eyes

Place your ring fingers under the arch of both brows and then massage ten times from the top of the nose towards the temples. To do this, apply light pressure to the orbital bone around the eye socket. Then repeat the massage under the eyes, stroking from the inner corner of the eye outwards. For this, use a suitable serum or a gentle eye cream, such as the Life Plankton Eye cream, as your skin around the eyes is particularly delicate and sensitive.

Massage stroke #2: smoothed forehead

To counteract forehead wrinkles, press your fingers to the center of your forehead for three seconds before slowly pulling them to the right and left toward your temples.

Massage stroke #3: rosy cheeks

Place the index and middle fingers of your hands vertically next to your nose and then stroke ten times in a slight upward arc towards your temples. Then repeat the process, but place your fingers a little lower, at the level of the nostrils.

Massage stroke #4: bye, bye mouth wrinkles

Place your index fingers in the center of your chin and then drag them around your lips until they meet above the center of your lips. Repeat the process about ten times.

Massage stroke #5: say goodbye to your double chin

To do this, place the lower part of your palm on your chin and pull it with a little pressure along the contour of your face in the direction of your ear. Then repeat the massage stroke on the other side of the face. Please note as a Gua Sha facial massage, this massage technique works especially well because the small stone adapts wonderfully to your facial contours.

Massage stroke #6: for reducing wrinkles on the neck and chest

This stroke not only relaxes your neck but also your neck muscles. To do this, lift your chin and clench both hands into a fist. Then run your knuckles along your neck 15-20 times and sweep it out towards your shoulders.

face massage


If you are bored of the classic facial massage, facial yoga is a welcome change. Yes, that's right. Beauty fans have sworn by yoga for some time now. But, face yoga, sometimes called facial gymnastics, is now the latest hack. This refers to specialized training for the facial muscles, which should relax your face, tighten the facial contours, and increase your general well-being. The idea originally came from Fumiko Takatsu, who became known worldwide for her Face Yoga guides. Here, we will introduce you to the two most popular "facial exercises":

1. Facial yoga for dark circles

Place your index and ring fingers on your temples and alternately close and open your eyes quickly. Then blink for eight to ten seconds and take a short break. Repeat the process a total of five times.

2. Pretty pout - beautiful cheeks and lips

Push your chin up and shape your lips into a kissing mouth. Pull your cheeks inward and pucker your lips as much as possible (fish mouth). Hold the position for 60 seconds and then inflate your cheeks with air to create the reverse position. Press the lips firmly together. You should repeat this process five times as well.


So, to sum up, facial massages in combination with the right anti-aging products can counteract wrinkles and promote skin regeneration. With the following tips, your facial massage at home will be even more effective:

  • Clean and peel!
  • To ensure that the active ingredients of your skincare products can penetrate deep into your skin, you should cleanse it thoroughly beforehand and possibly exfoliate it. If you work your cleanser, such as the Biosource Foaming Cleanser with a face brush, it stimulates blood circulation even before the actual facial massage.

  • Do not skimp on serums or creams
  • If you apply too little serum or cream, you can tug too hard on your skin. Especially for sensitive skin, this quickly leads to burst veins, irritation, and micro-injuries. Also, start massaging gently and then increase the intensity.

  • A natural glow under makeup
  • Makeup artists knows the trick: they often perform a short massage before applying makeup to boost blood flow to the skin and make the complexion look rosier. Next time, massage your day cream in a little more thoroughly so that you can forget highlighter and other makeup products!

woman with smooth skin

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