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Aqua pure is a fast-absorbing fluid moisturiser that intensely heals skin imperfections and excess sebum for a healthier-looking clear skin.
Your intense life affects your skin : excess of sebum, enlarged pores and skin imperfections. Infused with Biotherm exclusive ingredient Life Plankton™ water and salicylic acid, aqua pure is designed to refine skin texture. After 7 days, the appearance of enlarged pores is less visible, skin is less shiny for a healthier-looking dewy skin.
This fast-absorbing moisturising fluid acts on dehydrated skin to heal skin imperfections, enlarged pores (same comment) and rebalance excess sebum. It leaves the skin feeling super pure + super hydrated making it our best face moisturiser for clear skin.

This salicylic acid moisturiser is a fast-absorbed fluid that intensely heals skin imperfections, enlarged pores and excess of sebum for a healthier-looking skin, as well as clearing your skin from imperfection and breakouts.

Skin is instantly clearer, less shiny and pores are minimized:

  • 80% instant sensation of freshness
  • 82% clearer skin after 28 days
  • 73% skin feels purified as if detoxified after 28 days

*self assessment, 52 caucasian women, 28 days

Biotherm products contains no parabens, no fragrance allergens and are enriched with Life Plankton™, pure thermal plankton extract that contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, glucids, lipids and trace elements that help revive the skin’s vital functions and which are essential to its health.

*Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

How to use

How to apply Aqua Pure Super Concentrate?

Personalized use for immediate effects:

  1. Apply the salicylic acid moisturiser to clean skin twice a day, morning and night.
  2. Combine it: For brighter skin, apply aqua glow on the face and to regain a firm and dense skin, apply aqua bounce on the cheek area.



Discover our active ingredients, prowered by bioscience.

This ingredients list is subject to change. Consumers should refer to the product packaging for the most relevant ingredients list. In case of problem, please contact the consumer care center.

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