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How to keep skin hydrated in summer

To take effective care of your skin during the summer, it isn't enough to diligently use products with SPF. It is also crucial to adopt a daily moisturising routine to stabilise the skin's natural lipidic balance. What's more, during these warmer months, the skin is exposed to higher levels of stress compared to other times of year due to a rapid increase in perspiration and frequent contact with salty or chlorinated water. It is therefore important to hydrate the skin with dedicated, highly nourishing products in addition to wearing products with SPF. Below are all the products and tips from the Biotherm experts on how to best treat your skin in summer.

Moisturising your skin daily with a body milk

For everydayhydration,the Biotherm laboratories suggest theLait Corporel Body Milk, which is ideal for deeply nourishing the skin whatever the season. With a triple-action formula, the body milk provides all skin types with intense hydration and moisturises dry skin caused by excessive and unsafe sun exposure, working in parallel to restore the skin's protective lipid barrier and preserve the skin's natural elasticity. The skin is instantly smoother and appears more radiant and even. The product's fresh texture is fast-absorbing and easy to apply, creating a moment of pure relaxation, whilst citrus fruit extracts lend it its delicate fragrance. Nourishing and soothing, and an amazing anti-dryness boost after a day in the sun, Biotherm's body milk leaves the skin smooth, soft and hydrated without feeling greasy. It's perfect for applying after a shower or throughout the day for a touch of extra hydration.

Using an intensive oil-based moisturising treatment

In addition to body milk, Biotherm experts salso recommend using an extremely hydrating,, intensive oil-based treatment to nourish and restore the skin. In this case, the perfect product is undoubtedly the Life Plankton corrective body oil, a potent formula containing a blend of natural restorative oils. Enriched with canola oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil, the product's main ingredient is the aquatic cellular Life Plankton blend, which combines natural corrective plant oils and Tasmannia Lanceolata leaf extract. In addition to deeply nourishing even the driest skin, this body oil helps restore the skin's natural elasticity. After just a few applications, the skin instantly looks firmer, smoother and more hydrated. Furthermore, despite it being an oil, this Biotherm product has a lightweight, non-greasy texture that absorbs easily. It's ideal for applying morning or night after cleansing with a vigorous massage.

An essential foundation for healthy and radiant skin,moisturising is key during the summer as a protective step that soothes, restores and nourishes the skin after the season's numerous external stresses. With a selection of tailor-made products,Biotherm remains a staple of quality and innovation, offering dedicated products for every need.

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