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Men's skin is admittedly quite robust. But when the climate changes or the temperature drops, you should also consider following a suitable skincare regime.

20 Jan 2021


Dry skin in winter

Effective tips for men's dry skin

The seasonal change from fall to winter often brings with it many great experiences. Ski trips or long winter walks, evenings by the fireplace, or even just a T.V. marathon at the weekend are all part of the cold season for us. However, the drop in temperature can also cause skin irritation. To avoid getting frustrated about dry skin on your face, follows these top tips for men.

Here's why your skin becomes dry in winter

Do you feel that the arrival of winter is accompanied by sensitive or dry skin ? You're not alone! The drop in temperature and dry air from heating systems can also take a toll on men's tough skin, making it dry, dull, flaky, and sensitive. This is due to the fact that our skin does not tolerate such rapid changes in the weather so well. A change in temperature is a challenge for our skin's protection barrier, especially as the cold and dry air in winter removes a lot of moisture from skin. The skin's own lipids can no longer store moisture as effectively, which means your skin will start to feel tight and look dull more quickly. Daily shaving can make your skin extra sensitive and cause redness.

Dry skin on the face: What men can do

Air from heaters, hot showers, and warm baths also strip the skin of its natural moisture and lipids. What's more, your skin will feel even drier in strong winds. The loss of moisture in the skin leads to that dry, itchy, taut feeling we all know too well. Therefore, in winter, it's best to look for products that contain extra moisturizing ingredients. Reach for products that are rich in high-quality ingredients and help lock in moisture.

What are the other causes of dry skin?

It's not only a lack of moisture that encourages men to experience dry skin on the face, a lipid deficiency can also be responsible for rough skin. The main cause is genes. These determine how much sebum your skin produces. Other causes of decreased sebum production include:


Did you know? Men's hormones can also be imbalanced. If you notice that your skin is producing less oil than before, it's clear that there is a change in your hormone balance.


Hamburgers, beer, and fries taste great. But unfortunately, they affect not only your six pack, but also the appearance of your skin. In fact, dryness and feelings of tightness also come from wrong eating habits, which weaken the skin's barrier. Instead, opt for fresh, nutrient-rich food to strengthen the skin's sensitive protective barrier.


Stress is also not the skin's best friend. Those who are exposed to stress over a long period of time are more prone to skin irritations. So, try to lead a relaxed lifestyle and create a suitable balance during busy periods of your life.


The aging process also plays a role. The older we and our skin get, the less we are able to produce sebum. Skin on the face then tends to dry out more and therefore needs special protection


Your genetic predisposition determines your skin type. Some skin types are naturally more prone to dry facial skin, while others are more prone to oily skin.

Dry facial skin in men - these tips help

A leading skincare expert, Biotherm Homme has developed a solution for men which counteracts the signs of harsh winter weather on the skin, regardless of their skin type. Below you can discover exactly what your dry men's skin needs and find the optimal skincare routine to keep it hydrated even on the toughest winter days.

Step 1: deeply hydrate the skin

As you know, a permanent lack of moisture makes the skin age faster. To intensely moisturize the skin , you should add an extra step to your daily skincare routine. Use a moisturizing serum or lotion after cleansing and shaving. Men can care for the dry skin on their face with an effective serum. If you want to take targeted action against existing wrinkles, the Force Supreme Blue Serum prevents lines and a dull complexion caused by dryness from appearing.

Step 2: care for dry facial skin

After applying the serum, care for your dry skin with a long-lasting moisturizer. When you think of a face cream for dry skin, do you think of thick textures that don't absorb well and leave behind a sticky feeling? Wrong! The light gel texture of our Aquapower Comfort Gel intensely moisturizes men's skin, with a texture that spreads incredibly gently on the skin and leaves no sticky or heavy feeling. Upon application, you will immediately feel a sense of freshness that lasts 48 hours. Thanks to the high concentration of thermal water, your skin is not only optimally moisturized, but also soothed. This keeps the skin's moisture content stable even in cold weather. At the same time, the signs of sensitive skin are prevented.

Skin care for dry skin suffering from blemishes

Blemishes and acne can also increase in winter. One of the reasons why your skin is more prone to blemishes in winter is because of sebum - a type of oil that seeps out of the skin's small glands. While sebum helps maintain the skin's moisture levels, overproduction can lead to clogged pores and acne breakouts. The drier the environment, the more sebum the skin produces. If you find that the skin on your face is more sensitive than usual, the following skincare routine may be just what you need:

Step 1: cleanse

Gently rid your skin of impurities. Choose a gentle cleanser with naturally soothing ingredients, such as thermal plankton, to remove excess sebum and mattify the skin.

Step 2: care for the skin and keep it clean

So that dry facial skin doesn't flair up in winter, it's important to adapt your skincare routine. Always remember that caring for dry skin in winter should be done consistently, so that rough patches and a sallow complexion have no chance in the first place!

Prevent dry facial skin

In addition to the right skincare routine with the appropriate facial care products, dry facial skin can also be successfully prevented. The following tips can help you:

How to recognize the first signs of dry facial skin

With our skincare advice and prevention tips for dry skin, nothing stands in your way of a healthy complexion. However, you should always keep an eye on your skin to be able to quickly react to the first signs of dry facial skin in the future. The most common symptoms of dry skin on the face are as follows:

  • Tightness
  • Slight itching
  • Scaly skin
  • Peeling skin
  • Cracks and lines
  • Skin feels rough

You should react quickly if you notice the first signs of dry skin. The best way to do this is with our Aquapower skincare collection.

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