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All about retinol for men

All about retinol for men

Men's skin is different than women's, but it benefits equally from the use of retinol serum for men. Men's skin has more collagen and elastin, so it’s thicker and some signs of aging, such as wrinkles, may take longer to appear. It also tends to have more sebaceous glands so it absorbs retinol better, as it can somewhat reduce oil production.

Men also want to benefit from this star ingredient, retinol for men is featured in all men's fashion and lifestyle publications and BIOTHERM as a leader in men's skincare is not to be left out.

If your skin needs a little extra, retinol can certainly provide it. From imperfections and blemishes from acne, radiance, uneven tone, fine lines or even enlarged pores and texture. The pro-retinol formulated for men in the Force Supreme serum will definitely help. Retinol treatment requires consistency, the results are not immediate. We are 100% sure that 100% of men will be satisfied with the results of our product BIOTHERM HOMME, specially formulated with pro-retinol for men.

From what age should we start using retinol creams for men?

Men's skin can take time to show signs of aging. Retinol is an all-rounder product that is recommended even for treating typical acne imperfections, so we do not have a specific age that indicates when to start using a cream with retinol for men. You can incorporate it into your routine as soon as you want to start treating skin concerns.

It’s true that traditionally retinol for men has been recommended to treat wrinkles or other signs of aging skin, but as we have learned, retinol for men can be used to improve skin functions, improving texture, tone, lines and anticipating the appearance of dark spots or deep wrinkles.

BIOTHERM's Force Supreme range for men incorporates Pro-Retinol in its FORCE SUPREME BLUE PRO-RETINOL SERUM, a retinol serum specifically for men looking to incorporate this ingredient into their daily routine.

Why include retinol for men in your routine?

Retinol for men is a comprehensive anti-aging treatment, recognized for its multiple benefits:


Restores skin density and tone.


Epidermal cell renewal reduces the number, length and surface area of wrinkles.


The skin appears more even and smoother on the surface, improving its texture every day.

What are the best retinol treatments for men?

Biotherm introduces FORCE SUPREME BLUE PRO-RETINOL SERUM designed specifically for men's skin.

What makes it unique?

This anti-aging serum for men acts against visible and non-visible signs of aging: preventing 76% of the signs of skin aging before they appear and visibly reducing wrinkles in one month, thanks to the power of blue pro-retinol in total bioaffinity with men's skin for a synergistic repairing action.

Enhanced by BLUE SCIENCE enriched with powerful reconstructing blue algae and anti-aging pro-retinol for men, infused in a uniquely formulated gel serum. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms skin contours.

Main ingredients:

3% blue tech algae: acts on non-visible signs of aging. Deep repair, to target the signs of aging (loss of elasticity and firmness) in every layer of men's skin.

0.2% pro-retinol: acts against the visible signs of aging. Corrects wrinkles and dullness.


Homme Force Supreme Blue Serum is clinically proven to repair the signs of aging. Skin looks smoother, refreshed and more even from the first use. Clinically proven results *:

  • Radiance: + 18%
  • Uniformity: + 12%
  • Wrinkles: -22%

* 42 Asian men aged 35 to 59 years, after 2 months of use.

Mode of application

Apply pro-retinol serum for men on clean, dry skin. Use day and/or night on its own or before creams.

How: Add one dose of the serum to the palm of your hand. With both hands, apply to the face starting from the center and working outward. Finish with the neck. Avoid the eye area.

Remember to pair your serum with your FORCE SUPREME HOMME cream or gel for best results.

We know you want the best in face care too, so at Biotherm say yes to retinol for men. Get our retinol formula for men!

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