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There is probably little that illustrates physical exhaustion and fatigue in men as much as dark circles under the eyes. They indicate that the previous night's sleep was too short, the day too stressful, or the wine glass too full. So that you don't look older than you are, we have put together some helpful tips and tricks for relieving men's dark circles. In addition to proven home remedies, there are also effective skincare products that give the tired area around the eyes a boost of freshness. With these tips for soothing dark circles, you will always look fresh in business meetings.

30 Aug 2021


Dark circles in men

What are dark circles?

Circles under the eyes are caused by various factors. The most common causes are lack of sleep, increased alcohol consumption, smoking, an unbalanced diet, and - above all - lack of fluids. Stress and a lack of vitamins and minerals also promote the development of dark circles under the eyes. The skin under the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Blood vessels and fine veins become visible particularly quickly. Oxygen-depleted blood, which is darker than "normal" blood, or the swelling of vessels further intensifies this effect. That is why the dark circles under the eyes appear during stress (lack of sleep also stresses the body).

However, dark circles in men may also be genetically predisposed. If the blood vessels lie closer to the skin surface, they are more clearly visible. If dark circles appear suddenly and cannot be controlled with the following tips, a disease or allergy may be the cause. You should then have this clarified by a doctor.

How to prevent dark circles

By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you will ensure that dark circles do not appear in the first place. First off: try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet and drink enough water. Refrain from increased alcohol and cigarette consumption, if possible. You should also avoid stress. And last but not least: exercise in the fresh air or participating in sports is always helpful.

These home remedies help prevent dark circles

Was the night wilder than expected? And you have no suitable cosmetics at home? Then cold spoons, tea bags, or cucumber slices will also help you with dark circles.

  • Cold spoons from the refrigerator provide a pleasant kick of freshness in the morning. You can place these on the lower eye area during short intervals. The cooling reduces swelling. The same goes for gel or ice masks and crushed ice cubes wrapped in a towel.
  • A tool, which every man has certainly seen before, are cucumber slices. These are placed on the eyes as a cucumber mask. Because they contain a lot of water, cucumber slices moisturize the skin superficially. If you store the cucumber in the refrigerator, the cooling effect will also increase.
  • Tea bags help fight dark circles and bags under the eyes. To do this, take two tea bags, preferably black or green tea, and boil them. Let the two bags cool and then place them on your eyes. The substance theine stimulates blood circulation. After 10-15 minutes swelling is reduced.

The best moisturizer for the eyes

As with most stresses on the skin, adequate hydration and proper skin care plays an essential role for a rested eye area. To prevent dark circles and reduce existing shadows or puffy bags under the eyes, we recommend hydrating gels and eye creams with active ingredients such as caffeine or thermal plankton. The Aquapower Fresh Eye Gel by Biotherm Homme refreshes and cools your eye area. The decongestant eye gel provides instant cooling for tired eyes thanks to menthol derivatives. Caffeine reduces bags under the eyes and Life Plankton™ soothes sensitive skin.

Useful aids for tired eyes

Just because you're tired doesn't mean it has to show. The quick solution for rested-looking, refreshed eyes free of dark circles comes in the form of a cooling, rich, and nourishing roll-on gel. Total Recharge eye care is the all-purpose weapon for signs of fatigue. With the moisturizing massage roll-on tool, you can massage tired skin and activate microcirculation. In this way, active ingredients such as caffeine, sericosid, and manganese, which promotes vascular relaxation, further penetrate the skin.

When you need a quick fix: concealer

If you don't have time for a cucumber mask or a skincare routine in the morning, then concealer is a safe bet - this practical beauty aid is not only for women! The concealer hides small wrinkles, blemishes and, of course, dark circles. Sometimes a concealer is also available as a cooling roll-on treatment. Make sure the cream matches your skin tone. This will allow you to make the dark shadows under your eyes disappear with ease.

However, a properly cared for eye area is not everything. For a clean appearance, you should also take care of the rest of your face. With the matching products, you can take care of the skin and prevent wrinkles and signs of aging. Find out how to care for the rest of the skin on your face in our article about proper skin care for men.


Men's skin is also happy about a good care routine and products that suit the skin type. Although men's skin is generally more robust than women's, it needs good care to stay beautiful for a long time. We tell you more about men's care products, the right shaving care and how to keep your skin vital and clean. We will also explain more about your skin type and the special features. For example, did you know that men's skin tends to produce more sebum than women's skin and therefore requires different, lighter care? Here in Biotherm Magazine you will find selected men's grooming tips that you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

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