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Life Plankton - Biotherm


Discover everything you need to know about the powerful regenerating ingredient at the heart of Biotherm's skincare products: Life Plankton. It may just become your new secret weapon for healthy, glowing skin!

The discovery of Life Plankton: a breakthrough in cosmetics

Life Plankton was discovered in the 1950s by a military doctor, Jos Jullien. Curious about what gave the thermal waters of the French Pyrenees mountains their incredible and famous restorative powers, he set out to study the area in hopes of using these restorative waters to treat injured patients. One day, he noticed a unique and unknown substance floating on the surface of the water: this ingredient.

Dr. Jullien, who went on to co-found Biotherm, dedicated his life to trying to find a way to use Life Plankton in the field of medical hydrobiology. However, for years, this "miracle" ingredient resisted him. How do you cultivate the uncultivable? It took a team of scientists eight years to develop the answer. Fermogenesis is a unique and cutting-edge biofermentation process in which this ingredient is treated over a 90-day period.

It is slowly distilled into an intense concentration with active minerals, vitamins and sugars. This treatment process means that Life Plankton remains 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. The final ingredient contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, lipids and trace elements, all with beneficial skincare properties.

10 reasons to choose Life Plankton for healthy skin

When it comes to choosing the best facial product ingredients for flawless skin, know that you can rely on science. Pioneering research on the ingredient by institutes around the world has resulted in eight patents, more than ten publications and 100 scientific proofs of its effectiveness. These are just some of the benefits it provides to the skin:

  1. Intense hydration

    Life Plankton is 86% similar to the skin's natural moisturizing factors and works to keep skin healthy and hydrated. This means that it contributes to the skin's natural moisture levels.

  2. Pigmentation problems

    As our skin ages, depigmentation can become a serious problem. Sun exposure can cause dark brown pigmented spots on the skin. The ingredient, however, acts on the enzyme responsible for reducing depigmentation (MnSOD).

  3. Skin sensitivity

    Many of us suffer from sensitive skin, which can lead to redness, irritation and tight skin. Scientific research has shown that Life Plankton can be used to regulate the skin barrier and reduce the inflammation that causes the symptoms of sensitive skin.

  4. Pimple treatment

    This ingredient contains lipid A, which is also used to treat blemishes. This lipid helps improve the skin's antimicrobial barrier and prevents the formation of pimples for clear skin.

  5. Sebum balance

    The same lipids that help fight microbes also help balance the skin's sebum production, reducing the risk of blackheads and pimples, helping you on your way to flawless skin.

  6. Smooths wrinkles

    Fibroblasts are the cells that provide our skin with strength, structure and elasticity. When they begin to weaken with age, wrinkles and expression lines form. Life Plankton, however, has been shown to boost fibroblast production and even enhance their activity, ensuring that the skin maintains its elasticity.

  7. Cell renewal

    Our skin renews itself naturally, but as we age, this process also slows down and does not function as well. The ingredient optimizes this renewal process, maintaining the skin's healthy and youthful appearance.

  8. UV protection

    Life Plankton can be used in sunscreen formulas, strengthening the skin while protecting it from potential UV damage. You don't have to sacrifice facial care when you use UV protection for healthy skin.

  9. Strength

    Strong skin needs elasticity and healthy blood flow. When used on the skin in its highest concentration (5%), it has incredible skin strengthening properties. Even at its highest concentration, it is gentle on sensitive skin types.

  10. Optimization

    When used at lower concentrations, Life Plankton actually acts to optimize the action of all the other ingredients in the formula. It’s a real team player! Did you know that all Biotherm products contain 1% Life Plankton and that the range itself contains a restorative dose of 5%? Life Plankton is a total super ingredient, developed to give you healthy, flawless skin.

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