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Eau Vitaminée Eau de Toilette

Refreshing body mist with a revitalizing fragrance

Eau Vitaminee Eau de Toilette

Eau Vitaminée Eau de Toilette

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Infused with grapefruit and sweet orange essence along with freesia accord, the revitalizing notes of Biotherm's Eau Vitaminée body mist leaves your skin intensely refreshed.

What's unique about it & Key Ingredients: Eau Vitaminée's unique combination of grapefruit, sweet orange essence, and freesia accord make for a one of a kind scent that delicately refreshes your skin. The fresh body mist's untouched formula and new design will leave your skin fresher than ever.

It remains true to Biotherm's Blue Commitments with a 99% biodegradable and of 97% natural origin formula.
This fresh citrus body mist is lightweight and non-sticky, so it won't leave your skin feeling weighed down, sticky, or oily.
Eau Vitaminée body mist provides an instant burst of freshness to your skin, leaving your skin feeling intensely refreshed.
When: You can use the mist at any time of day, but it's especially refreshing after a shower or workout. Reapply throughout the day as needed.

How: Spray a light mist over your body, avoiding the face and eyes. Allow the mist to dry naturally on your skin.
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