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How to Get Rid of Smile Lines with the Gentle Efficacy of Pro-Retinol

Our eyes tell the story of our lives, expressing the emotions we feel. And the more we smile, the more expression lines appear. But that doesn’t mean they should remain in place when at rest. Our skin is incredibly responsive and repeated muscle use creates fine lines and wrinkles in areas where expression is most common – like the eyes. In fact, laugh lines are one of the earliest signs of aging. Thankfully, where nature meets science, the solution for how to get rid of laugh lines can be found. Effective smile lines treatment through skin care products and proactive lifestyle changes can keep you smiling, more beautifully.

What are Smile Lines and How Are They Different from Other Wrinkles?

Sometimes referred to as laugh lines or crow’s feet, smile lines are simply lines that are etched outwards from the corner of the eye area. What makes them different from standard facial lines is that they are often more pronounced, making them an area of concern for many people looking how to get rid of smile lines.

In fact, it is never too early to start taking care of your eye contour area. Because smile lines tend to appear earlier than standard wrinkles due to the nature of the delicate eye area, which is far more susceptible to damage from age, UV exposure, smoking, and more. As skin’s elasticity wanes as we age, these lines become more pronounced.

Are Smile Lines a Concern for You? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Although genetics, emotions and stress all play a role in the contribution of laugh lines, age is by far the biggest culprit. As we age, love and live, our smile lines become more of a concern than they were in younger years. Perhaps because smile lines project a tired image, making us appear older. The eyes will always be a focal point of our emotional expression, which explains why many of us seek to maintain tone around this vital part of the face.

A Quick Guide to Combatting Smile Lines

Curious how to get rid of smile lines? An effective eye contour routine is the perfect first step. Start with a dedicated product such as Biotherm’s Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream. It combines powerful anti-aging ingredients to actively promote regeneration in the delicate eye area. The new gold-standard in gentle anti-aging efficacy, Pro-Retinol, is amplified with Biotherm’s Life PlanktonTM, and combined with caffeine for a highly effective anti-aging cream for the eye contour area.

Lifestyle also plays a significant role. Start with proper hydration. As the body’s largest organ, the skin needs to be hydrated. It should receive enough hydration from 1L of water a day. Another consideration is how you touch your skin. When considering how to get rid of smile lines, one useful tip is to avoid touching the eye area. Constant pulling and stretching, and poor make-up application or removal techniques drag and damage the delicate skin of the area.

Another suggestion is to quit smoking. Apart from the myriad toxins that are concentrated in the skin from cigarettes and vapes, the squinting from smoke contributes to repeated muscle use and wrinkles. Additional changes in lifestyle such as using a high-SPF sunscreen, getting a good night’s sleep, and avoiding stress all contribute towards reducing lines on the face.

Getting Rid of Smile Lines Naturally

Biotherm’s anti-aging skincare products offer gentle solutions to skincare that blends nature’s greatest gifts with top science backing. Ingredients like Life Plankton™ and Vitamin C are combined with Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Retinol, for gentle yet effective skincare that helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizes and detox the skin deeply, leaving behind even, plump and hydrated skin.

Biotherm’s sustainability commitments work towards ensuring the environment is left in the same condition as it was found. For example, the fully vegan Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream features 95% natural ingredients and is 99% biodegradable. Even the packaging is considered, with a 40% recycled glass jar and 100% recycled plastic lid. Take a look at Biotherm’s Blue Beauty Commitments for more.

Eye Care Needs a Gentle Solution – Without Compromising Efficacy

When looking for a tried-and-tested, scientifically backed natural solution for how to get rid of smile lines, look no further than Biotherm’s Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream. A popular new addition to the Biotherm Blue Therapy line, the formula has seen positive results from over 95% of women within the first week1. Because it uses the next-generation of retinol, Pro-Retinol, it is gentle and safe for eyes – without sacrificing effectiveness. Designed to absorb easily into the delicate eye area without excessive rubbing, its melt-in-balm texture leaves a fresh, delicate scent behind and works well under makeup. It also noticeably firms and plumps laugh lines – making it the perfect solution for how to get rid of smile lines.

Wonder Ingredients vs Laugh Lines: Life Plankton, Caffeine and Pro-Retinol

When considering a product for sensitive areas, look for a guaranteed safe solution like Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream. Blue Pro-Retinol is a gentler version of retinol and a far more stable derivative of retinyl palmitate. It absorbs into the skin over time, resurfacing to improve texture, tone and ultimately, reinforce the structure. Safe from the first use, this form of retinol requires no adjustment period, making it perfect for the delicate skin around the eye. Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream has also undergone extensive testing under ophthalmological control to ensure safety for the eye area.

The Biotherm claim to excellence comes from 70 years of extensive research in the world of ocean-based life forms. Life Plankton™, Biotherm’s key ingredient, possesses a unique biological affinity with human skin, and has a powerful regenerative ability, making it ideal for skincare. Life Plankton™ is not only an active ingredient in the Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream, but it also actually amplifies the efficacy of Pro-Retinol by 1.5. This boosts Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream’s capacity to heal, repair and restore the delicate eye area, helping reduce those smile lines even faster.

Caffeine is another clinically proven ingredient that makes this product stand out. Packed with antioxidants, this skin brightening ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties that calm and soothe, while reducing any blood accumulation and puffiness in the area. Not only has it been approved by opthalmologists, Biotherm’s Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream has proven to be remarkably successful in clinical studies: 95% of women noticed a reduction in eye contour wrinkles after 28 days.2

In short, a gentle, yet effective solution to how to get rid of smile lines, combines both lifestyle habits and effective anti-aging skincare. Consider including the anti-aging efficacy of Biotherm’s entire Blue Therapy Line in your skincare routine, now featuring Biotherm’s Blue Pro-Retinol Eye Cream. Now there is another great reason to keep smiling!

1Instrumental test, 39 women, results at 4H
2 Clinical studies on 40 subjects, scoring on crow’s feet or under-eye wrinkles after 28 days

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