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How to choose the perfect anti-wrinkle cream for you

In order to combat wrinkles effectively, it is vital to choose the correct products and to use them at specific times of the day. From morning till night, the skin is subjected to different kinds of stress, as well as external and internal stimulation, from pollution to hectic lifestyles. As a result, it is essential to provide it with the right nutrients and ingredients to take care of its every need. This is why the Biotherm laboratories have developed several cosmetic formulas for both day and night products, infused with specific ingredients that both effectively play their anti-wrinkle part whilst also caring for the skin comprehensively.

Biotherm face creams for a morning anti-ageing skincare routine

Biotherm has a wide selection of day creams dedicated to morning anti-ageing skincare routines. These are ideal for lifting whilst keeping the skin hydrated and nourished throughout the day. For a smoothing effect, the Biotherm laboratories recommend two day creams with red algae extract, from the Blue Therapy Uplift range.

The Blue Therapy Uplift Day cream helps to smooth out the features and visible wrinkles, creating an overall firmer and more toned appearance. The same range also includes a version for dry skin with a more nourishing formula, the Blue Therapy Uplift Rich cream, for long-lasting hydration. If protective properties are preferred over nourishing properties, the more suitable choice is definitely the Cera Repair Barrier cream, with a soft texture that leaves a delicate and defensive film on the skin's surface. Enriched with Life Plankton Probiotic Extract, which deeply nourishes the skin, and natural Bio-Ceramides, which protect and strengthen the skin's barrier, it is the perfect way to end your daily skincare ritual.

The best anti-wrinkle creams to apply at night

In the evening, you can turn to richer and heavier formulas; these almost molten textures will work slowly whilst you sleep. A prime example is the Blue Pro-Retinol Multi-Correct cream, an anti-ageing product with multi-corrective properties that works on wrinkles , fine lines, skin texture and tone. With 92% natural ingredients, the cream contains Pro-Retinol, which stimulates cell renewal, and nourishing and regenerative Blue Algae extract, which acts in bio-affinity with the skin.

If instead you'd like to focus on revitalizing your skin, Biotherm recommends the Blue Therapy Amber Revitalize night cream with Laminaria Ochroleuca. Its nourishing blend of shea butter, rice bran oil and calcium strengthens the skin, boosting glow and vitality, and combatting wrinkles.

Comprehensive and tailor-made to meet every skin need, the Biotherm anti-ageing routine is perfect for combatting wrinkles and signs of ageing, with a wide selection of products that suit all skin types.

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