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How to use retinol for your skin?

You've heard about this magical ingredient, and you're wondering how to use retinol in your daily life? At Biotherm, we will tell you everything you need to know about retinol.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A. Retinoids" are the different forms that vitamin A can take. This powerful ingredient has decades of established studies showing that it has value for the skin in several ways. It is a unique ingredient that restores the skin, smoothes the surface and is antioxidant, making it a strong candidate for treating visible signs of aging. It can be incorporated as a SERUM or CREAM format.

To get started with retinol, at Biotherm, we offer you Blue Pro-Retinol Multi-Correct, we introduce you how to use retinol for beginners.

In this formula, retinol appears as a retinol derivative, in a slow-release format, which makes it effective and gentle throughout the day. It can be used during the day without danger of photosensitivity, we recommend the use of sun protection in this and any anti-aging treatment.

The perfect time to start using retinol is when we want to begin to stop the aging processes of the skin, i.e. when we want to accelerate the processes of cell regeneration or when we have detected the first signs on our face, and show off a firm, luminous and healthy face.

We explain how to use retinol to counteract the effects of the passage of time on our skin and the effects of aging.

When and how to use retinol?

Our novel formula with slow-release pro-retinol makes using retinol easier and safer.

We saw how using retinol in the past meant long adaptation periods to enjoy the desired benefits of retinol in our skin.

Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, it is not recommended to apply pure retinol during the day. Always accompany the use with daily sun protection.

In addition, the night is a time of repair and regeneration for the skin: the perfect time to apply our serum and enhance the activities that are already happening in the skin.

However, our Blue Pro-Retinol Multi-Correct cream is perfect and safe for daily and daytime use, combined with high sun protection.

How to use daytime retinol? Our formula has been created to be as safe as any other Blue Therapy day cream, our pro-retinol is a known ingredient, and is complemented with hyaluronic acid and an antioxidant algae complex, as well as our Life Plankton, which makes this cream a unique and complete product for daily skin care.

How to start using retinol?

The most important thing here is how to use it and minimize the discomfort of peeling, sensitivity and redness. If you are just starting out, start slowly: use it once or twice a week and monitor how the skin reacts. If there is mild peeling and redness, but no persistent stinging, stay the course. Everyone's skin is different and therefore tolerates the ingredients differently - some people will stay with this frequency of use for years before they start to ramp up!

Retinol for beginners: when to start using?

Retinol is not just for older people. It can be used starting at age 25, when it can help maintain the skin's youthful appearance. You can start using retinol if you notice fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture or dark spots.

One of the applications of pro-retinol is how useful it is for treating acne marks early on, recent marks are easier to treat, which allows us to understand how using retinol on younger skin is not a misuse or a poor recommendation.

Pro-retinol has a multitude of benefits on the skin, which is why it arouses the interest of more and more people and more and more young people, which is why it is key to know how to use retinol in each case.

Which retinol products are ideal to start with?

Harness the power of pro-retinol with BLUE PRO-RETINOL MULTI-CORRECT CREAM, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and visibly improves skin evenness, resulting in a much more hydrated and radiant skin immediately. A renewed, soft, even and smooth skin is possible thanks to Biotherm. Thanks to the slow-release retinol, Blue Pro-Retinol is suitable for all skin types, although the use of sunscreen is recommended after its application.

Since using pro-retinol does not involve the precautions of using pure retinol, it makes it the ideal ingredient to start using retinoids. Not only that, pro-retinol is indicated for incorporation into routines for skin that is not necessarily mature, it is a very versatile ingredient.

Is pro-retinol the same as retinol?

Retinoids, or different forms of vitamin A, actually function like A in the ABCs of active skin care. The term retinoid is actually a general name for all the vitamin A ingredients you can find on the market. For example, retinol, retinoic acid and retinyl palmitate are all part of the retinoid category.

It is a more stable retinol derivative that, thanks to an enzyme, breaks it down into retinol and palmitic acid, progressively releasing the retinol into the skin, so it does not need progressive skin adaptation for use. Thanks to this slow release, it is suitable for all skin types, as it is gentler than retinol.

Blue Pro-Retinol Multi-Correct

Biotherm introduces Blue Pro-Retinol Multi-Correct, the anti-aging corrective cream for daily use that improves skin texture, reduces pore size and the appearance of wrinkles, and achieves a more even tone. In short, a smooth, soft and luminous skin.

It combines the efficacy of recognized dermatological ingredients such as Pro-Retinol (derived from Vitamin A), Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, in combination with exclusive Biotherm ingredients that enhance its effectiveness, such as Life Plankton probiotic fraction and bioactive algae extracts, which, enhanced by Blue Biotechnology, protect the skin from accelerated aging, strengthening and unifying it day after day.

Scientifically proven: the skin is immediately hydrated and radiant. After one week of continuous use, the skin is renewed, softer, smoother and more even.

Biotherm Blue Pro-Retinol Multi-Correct is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as Pro-Retinol is a continuous-release ingredient that does not require skin adaptation time. As an anti-aging cream that boosts skin renewal, we recommend accompanying it with sun protection factor as the last step of the care routine to protect those new cells from irritation caused by UVB and UVA radiation.

Solve all your doubts about when and how to use retinol with Biotherm, your ally for perfect skin.

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