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Why We Race: We Race to Improve

“The key intention is to have our formulations as sustainable and as safe for marine life as possible.”

Told through the eyes of Kyu Jin Kim, a product manager at Biotherm, Episode 3 of Why We Race is about our race always go further and improve the environmental footprint of our formulas. Our mission is to develop effective skincare products that don't harm the ocean's delicate balance. We recognize that the ocean is the source of all life on earth, and we have a responsibility to protect it.

As a brand that comes from water, Biotherm has always been committed to protecting the environment, particularly the ocean. With the launch of our short documentary series, Why We Race, we aim to showcase our dedication to preserving the health of the ocean through a research project.

As part of our research project aboard the Biotherm IMOCA, every leg of the The Ocean Race, every time that our vessel sets sail, presents a valuable opportunity to collect data about marine biodiversity through the experimental sensors onboard our Biotherm IMOCA that capture key information about phytoplankton and the health of the ocean.

In the past, similar data has helped scientists working with Biotherm to develop an Aquatic Life Platform that lets us evaluate the potential impact of our ingredients and formulas on aquatic life. In the future, we hope that the data collected by Paul Meilhat and the Biotherm Sailing team can be analyzed and transformed into concrete solutions aimed at enhancing the sustainability of our products. This involves collaborating with experts across a range of fields, including biologists, chemists, and engineers, to develop cutting-edge solutions that are both effective and more respectful of the environment.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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