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What facial toner is, when it’s needed and how to use it

Toner is the product on everyone's lips, but the same cannot be said about its presence on the skin. In fact, it’s among the least used skincare products by consumers, who mistakenly underestimate its many properties, excluding it from their beauty routine. The main cause of this lack of use is misinformation related to its function: different from cleansers but similar to serums, toner is the step immediately following cleansing the face with makeup-removing formulas.

First and foremost, toner helps remove residual impurities settled in the pores that have also escaped the action of cleansing agents, literally dissolving them and promoting their expulsion. Once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, toner is essential for gently restoring the physiological pH by soothing with a pleasant refreshing effect. Toner should be chosen according to skin type and is the subject of careful studies by Biotherm experts, who condense its beneficial qualities into a selection of products designed for different skin types.

The ideal toner for normal to combination skin

For normal to combination skin, Biotherm focuses on a refreshing, purifying, yet gentle formula that promotes deep cleansing and natural radiance. Biosource facial toner has an effective cleansing and makeup removing action which frees the pores from any dry residue of impurities, such as fine powders or oils, a consequence of the application of cosmetic products. By tightening pores and limiting the deposit of impurities, this facial toner leaves a pleasant, fresh feeling on the face, soothing the skin and leaving it soft and radiant.

What toner to use if you have dry skin

Dry skin needs specific attention, as it’s more prone to redness or irritation. Biotherm experts recommend choosing tailored products that do not harm the skin's thin protective lipid film while maintaining an optimal level of hydration. Biotherm therefore recommends the Biosource facial toner in a version specifically for dry skin, with a gentle formula. Softening and with a fresh, soothing texture, the product gently removes traces of impurities or makeup that are also present post-cleansing, promoting deep pore cleansing and leaving your skin smoother, softer and more radiant.

Purifying, softening and gentle on the skin, the Biotherm facial toner is an indispensable product in a complete daily skincare routine. It contains specific ingredients that thoroughly cleanse the skin while respecting its natural pH. It’s a moisturizing, soothing product with which to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and skin pampering.

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