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How to apply eye cream and what it’s used for

The eye area is among the most delicate zones of the face, and consequently it’s the most prone to the occurrence of numerous imperfections such as marked dark circles under the eyes, puffiness or fine wrinkles due to rapid loss of tissue elasticity. Also significant is the extreme thinness of the eyelids, which are further exposed to the aggressiveness of environmental factors and therefore need adequate protection. It’s therefore essential to use an eye cream in your daily beauty routine to treat unsightly marks. The Biotherm experts focus on the specific needs not only of this particular area of the face, but also on the individual needs of various skin types, making formulas and products suitable for treating all skin types.

Biotherm eye creams to nourish and revitalize the skin

A fundamental step in any skin care ritual is moisturizing. That's why the Biotherm laboratories stand firm on this scientifically proven truth, producing an ultra-moisturizing formula specifically for the eye area. With Blue Therapy Eye cream, the brand has developed a formulation with extremely nourishing properties and a rich yet fresh texture, ideal for indulging in a wonderful moment of wellbeing. In addition to the primary moisturizing factor, there’s the anti-aging action, a direct consequence of carefully cared-for skin.

Great for combating fine wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and crow's feet, this Biotherm eye cream is suitable for all skin types and can be applied twice a day, morning and evening, with a gentle massage. Another product is also perfect for both deep moisturizing and revitalizing and toning the skin, with smoothing properties that give an immediate lifting effect. Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer eye cream is distinguished by its "ice effect," provided by an innovative technology that, through a specific combination of refreshing, soothing and brightening agents, quickly smooths and reduces puffiness and dark circles, especially when applied twice a day. With micro-pearls that infuse a touch of light into the complexion, making it more rosy and even, the product is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, and helps smooth out dehydration lines, making them more elastic. It’s suitable for any skin type.

An eye cream specifically for the eyelids

As we have seen, the eyelids are the thinnest and most delicate part of the face, and often simple eye creams are not enough to protect them adequately. That’s why Biotherm has created a tailored formula to protect and enhance this area of the skin too, Life Plankton Eye cream. Infused with unique naturally derived Life Plankton, with regenerative and anti-aging action, the product has a light gel texture which acts on the eyelid to create a thin protective barrier against atmospheric factors. It strengthens and protects the eyelids, adding the finishing touch to a perfect skincare routine.

For Biotherm, eye creams are a valuable ally in daily skin care, as well as an effective deterrent to premature aging and the progressive appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. Giving an instantly more rested and fresh appearance, the Biotherm eye line truly takes care of your skin’s beauty and wellbeing.

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