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Facial serums: definition, use and application methods

A facial serum is a unique dermatological product with a liquid texture, which generally contains a higher concentration of beneficial active ingredients compared to other cosmetic formulas. To be applied twice daily with a gentle massage promoting absorption, serums are intended to be one of the more specific and important skincare steps. In fact, there are several variants designed to meet a diverse range of needs, from excessive dryness to combatting wrinkles, from eliminating dark spots to boosting hydration. In the Biotherm laboratories, serums are a testing ground for tailor-made formulas, where nature and science come together to form products with guaranteed results. Below are the recommendations and Biotherm products for every need.

Nourishing serums for a daily boost of hydration

By now, the importance of hydration in skincare is a well-known fact. People who don't have any specific dermatological needs can easily invest in great moisturising products for keeping their skin strong and healthy. In this case, serum is vital to a daily skincare routine as it is rich in large percentages of several beneficial and nourishing ingredients. The serums in the Biotherm Aquasource range are perfect for deeply hydrating even the driest skin. The Aquasource Deep serum is incredibly hydrating and illuminating, perfect for constant daily use. Enriched with Life Plankton—a regenerative ingredient of natural origin and a key component in Biotherm's bioscientific approach—, the formula contains a blend of 35 nourishing ingredients and a percentage of pinkish micro-pearls that brighten the complexion for firmer, more radiant and more even skin overall. Alternatively, the 90% natural Aquasource Aura Concentrate bi-phase serum can be applied morning or night, alternately. It's amazing for stimulating cellular regeneration and deeply hydrating normal to dry skin, resulting in a complexion that is visibly brighter, smoother and more hydrated in just 24 hours.

The best anti-wrinkle facial serums

A serum can be the perfect accomplice for those who require intensive anti-ageing treatments. The concentrated percentages of active ingredients in serums help accelerate the process of cell renewal, counteracting free radicals and the resulting skin ageing that manifests itself in the form of wrinkles and fine lines. For a complete routine, the Blue Therapy Accelerated serum should be applied in the morning. With a restorative Alaria Esculenta-infused formula, this product improves the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots in just four weeks, at the same time combatting loss of firmness. For evening skincare, the Blue Retinol Night serum is ideal; its pure retinol, which boosts elasticity, meets the regenerative benefits of Life Plankton, resulting in an instant lifting and illuminating effect. For those who would rather resort to a more general treatment, as anti-ageing as it is nourishing and regenerative, there's the Life Plankton Elixir serum with soothing and hydrating properties. Enriched with Life Plankton and containing a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, this serum is perfect for every skin type and guarantees visible results in just 8 days.

To meet all of your skin's specific needs, and to take thorough care of it for incredible, visible and fast results both inside and out, invest in a Biotherm serum now, for a skincare routine that is comprehensive and 100% effective.

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