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Facial scrubs: features, purpose, and how to apply them

The importance of a scrub in a skincare routine is often underestimated. Often mistakenly considered to be only for the body, a scrub is a product with a grainy consistency that’s ideal for achieving skin of your face. Its special granular texture is responsible for one of the key steps in cell renewal, namely exfoliation.

This is a cosmetic treatment that uses the mechanical action of micro-particles to effectively rid pores of residual impurities and dead cells, while acting as a trigger for a skin renewal process. The scrub helps keep the skin toned, supple and with an even complexion. It should be applied sparingly throughout the week to avoid the undesired effect of intense irritation. Here are some tips and products devised by Biotherm experts to get the most out of a facial scrub.

When and how to use a scrub correctly

Biotherm experts have developed a specific balance of ingredients that can equally cleanse, purify and exfoliate the skin, providing an immediate regenerative effect and a healthier and more groomed complexion. Biotherm presents a multi-active facial scrub for daily use that will completely overhaul the quality and results of your skincare.

The ideal facial scrub according to Biotherm

For Biotherm, the ideal product to use routinely in a skincare routine is Biosource Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, a gentle yet effective facial scrub that uses some of the most innovative technologies developed by the brand, whose formula is 89% biodegradable*. The first of these is the anti-adhesion technology, which releases a thin but crucial protective film during skin cleansing in order to prevent the deposit of impurities into the pores. The formula is enriched with Life Plankton, an ingredient of natural origin that aids cell renewal by promoting the elasticity and tone of skin tissues. Enriched with golden algae extract that infuses the complexion with radiance, the Biotherm facial scrub also contains exfoliating microspheres which thoroughly cleanse by ridding the skin of impurities.
*according to OECD 301 test or equivalent

Biotherm's gentle yet effective scrub is a multi-active product that works on several fronts in the daily skin skincare process, deeply cleansing the skin. By ridding the pores of dead cells and the presence of impurities such as smog polluting particles or improperly cleansed cosmetic residue, the Biotherm scrub is a cosmetic treatment that renews the skin in one simple gesture.

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