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Causes and solutions for dry or chapped lips

Particularly in the winter and in colder weather, you may experience dry lips. Lips appear chapped and peeling, sometimes with small cracks and bleeding.
But how can we protect them?
Here are some remedies to prevent dry lips.

o What dry lips look like

Dry lips are fairly common, but can also be quite uncomfortable. Appearance-wise, they will be visibly dehydrated, reddened, with vertical cracks, peeling and, in some cases, small cracks that could lead to bleeding. If you have dry lips, you will also feel a feeling of skin tightness

o The causes of dry lips

Lips become dry and chapped when they are not well protected and moisturized.
There can be several causes :

  • Extremes of temperature, such as too cold, but also too hot;
  • Adverse weather conditions, such as too much wind or low humidity, which can lead to dehydration of the lips.

There are also some behavioral causes, such as a tendency to lick the lips too often: despite relief from temporary moisturization, discomfort immediately returns, making the lips even more sensitive to external factors.

o How to treat dry lips

Dry or chapped lips can cause discomfort and irritation, so they need to be looked after, especially during the colder months.
Let's start with cleansing: to remove traces of makeup, it is advisable to use gentle and soothing products that can remove makeup from the lips without irritating them.
As this is a very sensitive area of the face, it is also advisable to apply a lip product that contains sunscreen.
To prevent cracking and the appearance of unpleasant peeling, a scrub can be used periodically to remove dead cells and make the lips softer and more velvety.

Finally, you can also use lip masks, either in cream or fabric format, for an ad hoc lip treatment.

o The importance of cocoa butter

Of course, the real cure-all for dry lips is cocoa butter or lip balm. This is an indispensable product, especially in the colder months, as well as in the case of prolonged exposure to the sun. Cocoa butter can be used all year round, both in the winter to protect the skin from the cold and temperature changes and in the summer (with sunscreen incorporated) to protect the lips from the sun's rays.

It comes in various formats: cream, stick or balm. Its composition often includes emollient and moisturizing butters and oils, which are useful for maintaining the moisture of the lips, even in adverse weather conditions.
It has a great many benefits:

  • It moisturizes the lips intensely;
  • It has an emollient function;
  • It helps preserve the beauty and health of the lips.

Biotherm recommends Beurre De Lèvres, the ultra-moisturizing lip balm. This is a product that helps moisturize and nourish the lips, thanks to its smoothing and regenerative properties. Its formula contains acacia sugar and five plant oils of natural origin, which act intensively to thoroughly moisturize the lips.

It has a soft texture, suitable for both women and men, for easy and practical application. After use, the lips will immediately appear soft, nourished and healthier looking. It can also be used as a make-up base, to be applied before lipstick or lip gloss.
It can be applied several times throughout the day, whenever you feel your lips are dry and parched. With a quick stroke of cocoa butter, the lips will immediately appear more moisturized and nourished.

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