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Causes and solutions for dry, chapped hands

Like the skin on your face, the skin on your hands is also often put to the test, constantly subjected to external factors and frequent washing. The result? Our hands become dry and chapped. We’ve all suffered from this to some extent at one point in our lives. This phenomenon can be very unpleasant: dry and dehydrated skin, losing its elasticity, may become injured, developing painful cuts and fissures. To stop this from happening, you need to take care of your hands, moisturizing them and protecting them from external aggression.

Below we will explore the main causes of dry, chapped hands and recommend the most appropriate solutions depending on the problem.

What dry, chapped hands look like

Recognizing dry, chapped hands is quite simple:

  • the skin feels rough, hard and scaly to the touch;
  • it looks pale and dehydrated;
  • If feels tight.

Sometimes dryness can be accompanied by redness and irritation, even to the point of itching and pain caused by fissures. In severe cases, these cuts may become deep, begin to bleed become infected. It’s therefore an issue to be taken very seriously.

The causes of dry, cracked hands

The root cause of dry, cracked hands is the alteration of the hydrolipid film that protects the skin. Cold weather makes the skin more vulnerable, often causing dehydration. When combined with bad habits, such as frequent hand washing with products that do not respect its pH, paired with only partial drying, it's very difficult to prevent these issues from developing.

Prevention and remedies for dry, chapped hands

Preventing your skin from becoming dry and dehydrated at the outset is always the most effective solution. To do so, you should:

  • wash your hands with gentle, alcohol-free products that respect the pH of your skin;
  • dry your hands thoroughly after each wash;
  • in cold weather, always protect your hands with warm gloves when you are outside;
  • prevent the skin on your hands from coming into contact with detergents and other household cleaning products when doing chores by using gloves.

What if I already have dry, chapped hands? Fear not, for there is a solution. Biotherm researchers have created BIOMAINS,  a real layer of protection for your hands. Its formula, enriched with pure Thermal Plankton extract, vitamin C and D, and factor 15 sunscreen:

  • contributes to cell renewal;
  • combats aging;
  • reduces dark marks or prevents their appearance;
  • intensely nourishes the hands with moisturizing agents, providing essential fatty acids;
  • strengthens the nails.

This treatment is therefore much more than a simple moisturizer, it’s a real elixir for dry, chapped hands. With constant use, the skin is able to regain its elasticity and repair itself.

When and how to use Biotherm hand cream

This cream can be applied several times a day, preferably every time you are going out or after wetting your hands. The product should be massaged all over the skin from wrists to nails, concentrating on the most fragile and dry parts. Its texture is soft and light, non-greasy and absorbs very quickly. Your hands will finally be protected and the cuts will become a distant memory.

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