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Detoxifying & Exfoliating Cleanser




One size available

The 1st t-pur salt-infused cleansing gel that wipes out any signs of Oily Skin skin, reduces skin imperfections, and gets rid of pollution particles.
Thanks to its unique melting scrub texture, encapsulating the purifying power of french sea salts, t-pur facial cleanser exfoliates skin intensely, with maximal skin respect & sensoriality.
The scrubbing micro-particles captured in an ultra-potent & transformative gel formula, powered by the healing power of Life Plankton™.
Originated from brittany sea, boosted by Biotherm homme biologists, the french sea salts are an entirely natural active ingredient that combine “surface” absorption, skin clearing action for deep skin exfoliation and purification against all types of imperfections.

A unique melting scrub and very fresh gel texture that melts into the skin for intense skin exfoliation, yet caring sensation.

The skin seems purified, as if it is detoxified

  • 100% the facial cleanser removes impurities (dirt, dust, pollution):
    • 98.5% the skin seems flawless
    • 91% the skin looks less Oily Skin
    • 97% the skin looks less shiny;
    • 95.5% the skin looks more matte

    * self-assessment, 68 men, 4 weeks

Biotherm products contains no parabens, no fragrance allergens and are enriched with Life Plankton™, pure thermal plankton extract that contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, glucids, lipids and trace elements that help revive the skin’s vital functions and which are essential to its health.

the most powerful concoction to heal skin oiliness & imperfections absorbing & skin clearing french seas crystal salts an entirely natural active ingredient, that combines “surface” absorption instant benefits & skin clearing biological action. extracted from the most salty seas of brittany, this ingredient actively takes part in shine & greasiness absorption & deep purification against all types of imperfections. healing life plankton™ aqua 1% the most unique regenerating ingredient that amplifies skin biological response. soothing antioxidant, protective, it amplifies the healing action of other ingredients.

*Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

How to use

  1. Take a nut of t-pur sea salt cleanser,
  2. apply to wet face with circular motions from the center of the face outwards.
    Pay particular attention to the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin).
  3. Finish on the neck. Repeat 2 times.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.


Discover our active ingredients, prowered by bioscience.

This ingredients list is subject to change. Consumers should refer to the product packaging for the most relevant ingredients list. In case of problem, please contact the consumer care center.

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