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Fundamental Hydrating Care , Soothes And Reinforces



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beyond soothing, the healing power of Life Plankton™. This natural micro-organism holds the secret of resilience, resisting 3 billion years of changes, managing to adapt and reinforce itself until today. Infused at 5%, the highest concentration in Life Plankton™, Sensitive Skin emulsion makes skin stronger day after day to protect it from damages caused by environmental aggressors.
Overtime, skin becomes less reactive, more even and beautiful, it looks healthier. 9 women out of 10 noticed their skin transformed after 1 week of use.

This light creamy fluid fuses immediately with skin to provide instant soothing and protect it all day long, even against pollution particles.
Acting as a soothing moisture shield, it rebalances skin's daily oil-water loss and brings 24h hydration & comfort. Its composition is one of the purest: no paraben, no colorants, no alcohol, no mineral oils.
This hypoallergenic & non comedogenic formula has been tested on 100% Sensitive Skin skin, and can even be used around the eyes.

Instant soothing: instant relief on skin: tightness, redness, irritations, itchiness, heating sensation, all discomforts are neutralized after 1st use: 9/10 women noticed immediate soothing effect.
All day long hydration: skin keeps its moisture for more than 24hours:

  • +57% after 4h,
  • +48% after 8h,
  • +15% after 24h.

Durable skin reinforcement: according to clinical scoring by dermatologists, after 4 weeks of use:
  • skin is 64% less reactive to daily life aggressions:
  • -94% dryness,
  • 36% redness,
  • -68% itching,
  • -79% tightness,
  • -94% heating sensation.

Anti-pollution efficacy: no adherence on skin of pollution particles pm 10, responsible of premature skin aging and dullness.


How to use

How to apply Life Plankton™ Sensitive Skin Emulsion?

  1. Press 3 pumps
  2. Spread on fingertips
  3. Join your hands 1 meditation starts
  4. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and reach for your inner self
  5. With both hands symmetrically, spread the formula following the inside – out massage (pictos attached) upper eye lid to lower eye lid with delicate spread, go upwards on your forehead, then go down to your side nasals, with external spread on the cheeks and finish recentering your hands on the chin.
  6. Meditation over



Discover our active ingredients, prowered by bioscience.

This ingredients list is subject to change. Consumers should refer to the product packaging for the most relevant ingredients list. In case of problem, please contact the consumer care center.

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