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Say goodbye to dry winter skin

Say goodbye to dry winter skin
Tips for men

Is my skin dry?

Dry skin can manifest in several different ways. If your skin looks dull, rough or flaky and feels tight and uncomfortable, then it is most likely too dry. Another sign of dry skin is increased sensitivity which you may notice if skin becomes red, itchy or burns when you wash it.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin is common during wintertime. Bitter cold temperatures, dry air, and wind deplete the skin of its natural moisture, making it red, itchy, and cracked. Indoor heaters dry out the skin even more. Skin research shows that skin is up to 10 times drier and more fragile in the winter.

How can I heal my dry skin?

The good news is that, with the right products and some extra attention to your skincare routine, you can heal dry skin. When bathing or washing your face, try to stick to room temperature or cooler water as hot water can remove the skin’s natural oils that are essential to maintaining moisture. Make sure to cover your face during especially cold days when heading outside and try this Biotherm hydrating routine.

Wash with Aquapower Cleanser

Over exfoliating skin or washing too harshly can zap skin of moisture and increase sensitivity. Make sure you wash with a gentle double-action facial cleanser like Aquapower to effectively remove impurities while refreshing and reinforcing your skin on a daily basis. This cleansing fresh gel formula is a combination of oligo-elements and potent cleansing agents that leave the skin, comfortable and exceptionally fresh. Use it under the shower or on wet skin to leave your skin nourished, moisturized and revitalized. This face wash is perfect for dry skin, especially in winter, to restore moisture to thirsty skin.

Hydrate with Aquapower gel dry skin

Supercharge your hydration with the ultimate men’s moisturizer: Aquapower Gel. Biotherm Aquapower Dry Skin is enriched with healing thermal Life Plankton™ to soothe and hydrate dry winter skin. This concentration of Life PlanktonTM water hydrates and soothes the skin, allowing it to retain water to keep it hydrated and feeling comfortable all day long. This gel has a very light, quickly absorbing fluid texture. It keeps skin stronger and reinforces the skin barrier to fight against external daily aggressions.

Fight signs of aging with Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream

This multi-corrective treatment acts on all the external signs of skin aging and is specially designed for men over 40 years old.
Enriched with Youth Algae ™ extract with multiple action, this cream helps to reshape the contours of the face by improving sagging skin and restores skin firmness and youthful appearance. 
With a "multi-layer" technology and its three-in-one approach based on the joint action of the Youth Algae™ extract, Life Plankton™ and Pro-xylane, it tones, firms, strengthens and improves skin texture.

Fight signs of aging with Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream
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