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A men’s fall anti-aging routine

Fall back to youthful skin
Tips for men

As the Fall-Winter season approaches and another year starts to wind down, you may be wondering where the time went and worrying that 2020 may have aged you – and your skin.

While factors such as genetics and time play a role in skin aging, most signs of aging appear due to urban aggressions such as pollution, sun exposure, weather or stress.

As the weather grows colder, drier air can suck moisture from the skin and exacerbate signs of aging. The skin becomes duller and dark spots, sagging skin, enlarged pores and wrinkles around the eyes appear. This year in particular has added stress, wearing face masks and spending less time exploring the great outdoors, which have contributed even more to premature skin aging.

What can I do for a more youthful-looking skin this season?

First of all, do not be afraid of aging. Do not think of your anti-aging skincare routine as a fight against nature, but instead as a way to keep your skin in the best shape possible. This means committing to taking care of it daily to bring out its best.

Autumn is the perfect time to reset your routine and here is an easy 3-step skin workout to flex your face forward.

STEP 1: Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum

Before you start to build youthful skin, you need a firm foundation. Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum targets and rebuilds skin structures damaged over time. It protects the skin and fight off damage your skin incurs during the day, smooths fine lines, boosts skin cell regeneration, firms the skin, and restores its surface to protect it from daily aggressions. Life Plankton™ heals, renews and protects the skin, Blue Alga Extract has a smoothing and anti-aging action, and Pro-Xylane™ reinforces dermal structure and volume by boosting GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans, crucial to skin structure) and collagen and replenishing skin tissue. Lighter than a cream, this men’s anti-aging serum will absorb into the skin so quickly, you will not even feel it. Apply it morning and/or night. Do not forget “Step 0” Force Supreme Youth Architect Essence to optimize the effects of the full routine.

Step 2: Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream

Finding yourself multi-tasking as the busy fall season gets into full swing? Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream is the ultimate skin multi-tasker. This 3-in-1 cream is a blend of best bud beauty ingredients that play well together: Algae of Youth, pro-Xylane™ and Life Plankton™. It repairs, firms and strengthens skin to act on 5 visible signs of aging, namely: sagging skin, wrinkles, dark spots, dullness and dryness. It is specifically designed for men’s skin and is suitable for sensitive skin. Apply it morning and night after Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum using smoothing movements from inside to outside

Step 3: Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum

You can see it in your eyes. By “it,” we mean, those late nights, stressful days and winter air zapping the life out of your skin cells. Signs of aging are often first noticed around the eyes with wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles. Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum firms and revitalizes the skin under your eyes to blur and smooth fine lines, depuff the entire zone and fade dark circles. Apply morning and/or night to the eye contour area. Massage it gently to boost circulation in the area.

To head into the Fall-Winter season looking and feeling like your youthful self, all it takes is a boost to your daily skincare routine to fight signs of urban-accelerated aging with our dedicated Force Supreme range.

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