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Skincare routine to master the skin

What routine should I do to master my skin health this summer?
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Warm temperatures, intense humidity, and usually high pollution in the city… As much as we love summer, it can have a strong impact on our skin and result in an increase of oiliness and shininess. Looking for a way to better control your face and the way it feels and looks? Read on for more!

With our accelerated life routine, our skin has to deal with a whole load of changing elements during the day – heat stroke, stress, pollution… – all that can lead to dirty, shiny skin and the appearance of imperfections. The good news is that there are solutions to keep control of your skin whatever the conditions you are in, and all day long. Here we give you the best tips to master your skincare routine this summer and keep a healthy, clean, and mattified skin no matter what!

Why should I start by cleansing my skin?

If you are part of the lazy gang that usually passes the cleansing step, now is the time to change! It is fundamental to neutralize impurities before applying the rest of your skincare routine. Enriched with sea minerals complex (anti-bacterial sea algae extract and zinc) and absorbing mineral perlite, the T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Purifying Cleanser removes excess sebum, reduces sweat, and protects your skin against shine. With its white clay-like texture, it gently removes impurities and leaves your skin mattified, feeling clean and healthy. There is no better way to feel fresh after a long summer day.

Why should I include a toner in my skincare routine?

For maximum efficiency after cleansing your skin and removing all its impurities caused by dust, sebum, and sweat, it is fundamental to follow up with a toner to heal skin imperfections. With its unique bi-phase technology, the T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Bi-Phase Lotion eliminates all signs of greasiness and shininess. The toner’s water-astringent phase formula intensely purifies and cleanses the skin while its French sea salt powder phase, activated by shaking, absorbs the oil and leaves the skin clear and mattified. To get a homogeneous mixture, shake the Bi-Phase Face Lotion, and then put a few drops into the palm of your hands, warm it up and finally pat and gently massage the lotion on your face from the forehead to the chin. Skin is purified, looks fresher, appears more matte and less sweaty.

Why should I use a moisturizer even during summer?

As you are looking to heal your skin from its imperfections and keeping it clear and neat during summer, you might be wondering if you should be moisturizing and the answer is yes! Indeed, hydration is the most important step to include in your skincare routine if you want healthy skin. But with our intense daily urban lives and harmful environment, it is not always easy to control shininess and greasiness, especially during summer. Enriched with sea minerals complex and ultra-absorbing new airlicium technology, the T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Ultra Absorbing & Mattifying Moisturizing Gel fights skin shine by helping to control excess sebum and master sweat. With its light-weight refreshing gel texture, it easily penetrates the skin without leaving a sticky sensation. Used after cleansing and toning, the T-Pur Anti-Oil & Shine Ultra Absorbing & Mattifying Moisturizing Gel makes your skin feel fresher, smoother, clearer and appear more matte. Shiny skin is controlled, dirty skin is cleaned and imperfections are healed.

How can I take care of my eye contour?

The eye area being the most fragile part of our face, it is fundamental to give it specific care. Moreover, intense lives and lack of sleep can cause dark circles to appear, making us look tired and unhealthy. To wake up your eye contour and give it an energetic boost, you can opt for the Total Recharge Eye, a fresh gel that reduces signs of fatigue such as dark circles and under-eye bags and make the eye area smoother and more relaxed.

As skin imperfections may be a real preoccupation for many of us, it is important to note that they can be mastered if we apply a thoughtful skincare routine with natural and high efficient products. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing with the T-Pur range will help you keep control of your skin and look at your best no matter the conditions. Get ready to enjoy summer with the healthiest complexion!

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