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The best way to exfoliate with Life Plankton™Mild Creamy Peel

What is the best way to gently exfoliate my skin for spring?
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As exciting as it may be, living in the city also comes along with having to deal with pollution, stress and lack of sleep…. In this context, taking special care of our skin is fundamental in order to look good and maintain a healthy glow. With spring finally here, it is also the perfect timing to renew your skin, and we have got just the perfect routine for you!

Changes of seasons are an ideal moment to change or add a little twist to our beauty routine. In fact, it is essential to help our skin adapt to the change of weather, temperature and sun exposure. While winter skincare routine is more about protecting and healing the skin from dry and cold weather, the spring routine is about renewing, making your skin glowing and adapting it to warmer weather. You will have guess it, it is the perfect occasion to make it smooth, luminous and healthy looking! While some of us may think exfoliating is not an absolute must, and fear it will irritate our skin, it turns out it is essential in every beauty routine, no matter our skin type. Here we tell you everything about the best way to exfoliate while preserving your skin.

Why is it essential to exfoliate?

Why is it essential to exfoliate?

In our daily urban lives, external aggressions – UV rays, pollution, smoking… – can damage our skin’s health. Indeed, our day-to-day contact with pollution increases the sensitivity of our skin, while urban residues and micro pollutants clog our pores. All of these factors increase the dullness and roughness of the skin, and cause pores to show. While many of us do not necessarily think of exfoliating, including this step can be a real game changer in the health of our skin. Indeed, among the plethora of benefits to regular exfoliation, there is the fact that it cleans and purifies clogged pores, sloughs away dead skin and encourages new, fresh cell turnover, helps skincare products penetrate deeper, boosts circulation and evens skin tone.

How to exfoliate without harming your skin?

While we know the benefits of exfoliating our skin, we can be reluctant because of the harm over-exfoliating or harsh scrubs may cause to our skin. In fact, over-exfoliating or using harsh scrubs can irritate, make our skin more susceptible to sunburn, cause our skin to lose its moisture and disrupt the natural skin barrier. Wondering how to lift-off pollution without damaging your skin? A good solution is to use a mild peel. Life Plankton™ Mild Creamy Peel, one of the gentlest exfoliating peel on the market, removes dead skin cells and impurities and repairs the skin’s natural barrier. With its transforming cream to peel technology, it gently lifts the tiniest urban impurities while healing the skin to improve absorption and reveal a glowing, crystal clear complexion. Skin is renewed, smoothed and healthy looking.

Why is Life Plankton™ Mild Creamy Peel so special?

Why is Life Plankton™ Mild Creamy Peel so special?

Specifically created to respect all skin types, Life Plankton™ Mild Creamy Peel exfoliates like a peel yet repairs like a cream. Enriched with Life Plankton™ probiotic fractions to regenerate aggressed skin and with squalane to repair and balance oil production, it refines the skin’s pores, and makes your skin radiant and smooth.

While basic peels can harm the skin’s barrier and increase transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), the soothing and regenerating blend of Patented Bioscience Probiotic Fraction and squalane prevents your skin from TEWL and irritation. Furthermore, it does not contain any alcohol, cellulose or acids guaranteeing the most respect for your skin. Life Plankton™ Mild Creamy Peel should be used three to four times a week, day or night. Including this new gesture in your beauty routine will prevent premature aging, dark spots, sensitivity, acne, moisture loss and dullness. Within days, you will notice a smooth, renewed, healthy looking skin!

How can I increase the benefits of mild exfoliation?

For maximum benefits, you can complement the Life Plankton™ Mild Creamy Peel with Life Plankton™ Elixir, a one of a kind serum that regenerates the skin and prevents accelerated aging. Infused with Biotherm’s unique ingredient Life Plankton™ at its highest concentration (5%), this serum heals all skin types and contributes to transforming the skin in 3 essential ways: it protects, reinforces and revitalizes it. Created to be the first step of any skincare routine, this serum renews, regenerates and makes the skin more resilient to damage. Day after day, skin is strengthened, appears healthier and feels smoother. Get ready to get your skin glowing for spring!

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