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Prevent redness with Life Plankton™ Elixir

How can I prevent redness on face overnight?
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Looking for a pristine, smooth and healthy skin? With our daily urban lives and the damage it can cause to our skin, it is sometimes difficult to achieve and maintain a clear looking skin at all times. Among the issues our skin may have to deal with, redness is quite common. The good news is there are many ways to tackle this skin concern. Here we tell you how!

Whether you are used to redness or experiencing it for the first time, it is only normal to want to treat it so that you can feel comfortable again inside and outside! Firstly, it is essential to understand what causes skin redness, as well as how to calm it and how to prevent it. Time to renew your skin and say goodbye to redness the efficient way!

What causes skin redness?

What causes skin redness?

Different factors can cause skin redness. Among them, rosacea, genetics, allergy to skincare ingredients, heat, sun exposure, alcohol, spicy food, acne, dryness, or over-exfoliation can all contribute to redness. Anyhow, whether it is an ongoing issue or just temporary, implementing an efficient skincare routine is an absolute must for a renewed, healthy looking-skin.

How can I prevent redness?

The skin has to deal with external aggressors such as pollution, UV radiation, stress and lack of sleep on a daily basis. Thankfully you can help it fight these stressors and maintain its health and youth with a thoughtful beauty routine. Created to be the first step in any skincare routine, Life Plankton™ Elixir has the power to renew your skin and to prevent premature aging. Infused with Biotherm’s unique healing ingredient Life Plankton™ at its highest concentration (5%), this one of a kind serum transforms your skin in three fundamental ways: it defends, reinforces and regenerates it. Firstly, it boosts the skin’s integral defenses and thus protects it against harming daily aggressors. Secondly, it has an anti-inflammatory action that redresses the damage caused by daily oxidative and inflammatory stress. Your skin is soothed and redness disappears! Finally, this serum empowers your skin with the full ability to renew itself. In just 8 days, your skin is newborn.

Used after toning and cleansing, this iconic serum rapidly penetrates the skin, has a non sticky finish and can apply to all skin ages and conditions. In a matter of just a few days, your skin is strengthened and more resilient to battle daily urban aggressions. Life Plankton™ Elixir also prevents your skin from premature aging, improves its firmness and reduces wrinkles. Furthermore, this serum includes hyaluronic acid for maximum anti-aging properties: your skin regains its firmness and youthful vitality. Overall, your skin feels smoother, appears healthier and redness has disappeared. Day after day, your complexion is totally renewed, revitalized and younger looking.

How to calm redness?

How to calm redness?

If your redness comes from dryness it may mean that you are over exfoliating or that your skin is particularly sensitive. In this case, your skin is more vulnerable and one way to treat it is to reach out for ultra hydrating products that will restore the skin barrier and heal your skin. Combined with the serum Life Plankton™ Elixir, Life Plankton™ Sensitive Skin Emulsion makes your skin stronger and helps to protect it from damages caused by environmental aggressors. This light creamy fluid provides instant soothing and acts as a moisture shield. From the first use, your skin is relieved: tightness, redness and irritations fade away!

Another efficient way to calm redness is to use a mask once or twice a week. In fact, your skincare routine will be all the more efficient if your skin benefits from a specific care that will heal and renew your skin. Made from a unique biodegradable organic cotton, Life Plankton™ Essence-in-mask Facial Sheet Mask infuses your skin with the regenerating power of Life Plankton™. After only one use, this soothing mask intensely hydrates and makes your skin more luminous. Applied twice a week, it regenerates, makes your skin softer, suppler and clearer.

Finally, with the weather changing and the sun coming out, your skin may also develop redness due to UV-rays exposure. Protecting your skin is a must, even if you are still in the city! Infused with soothing and regenerating ingredients The Waterlover Sun Milk SPF 50 will hydrate and limit the oxidative damage of UV rays. Plus it is has eco-tested SPF filters and has a biodegradable base formula.

Healthy looking skin, here we come!

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