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Visible Cellulite Reducer Concentrate



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A slimming gel with a double efficacy: it visibly and durably erases cellulite from 14 days1 thanks to the association of pure caffeine and an extract of coralline algae. 

A fusion of natural Essences of orange, tangerine and bergamot fuse with accords of freesia, Essences of ginger and cedar wood.

Clinical tests have shown a significant diminishment of cellulite appearance on upper and mid-thighs after 1 month of daily product application, which remain even after 1 month without applying celluli eraser:
1 month treatment (after 4 weeks):*

  • upper thighs: -25%
  • mid-thighs -26%

1 month remanence (after 8 weeks):**
  • upper thighs: -24%
  • mid-thighs -28%

1 clinical evaluation of cellulite - 50 women - application twice a day for 4 weeks followed by the absence of application during 4 weeks.
* clinical grading on 54 women – twice daily application during 4 weeks.
** clinical grading 50 women – measurements after 4 weeks without application of the product, preceded by for 4 weeks of application twice daily.

Biotherm products contains no parabens, no fragrance allergens and are enriched with Life Plankton™, pure thermal plankton extract that contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, glucids, lipids and trace elements that help revive the skin’s vital functions and which are essential to its health.

combined with pure caffeine, coralline extract, a marine algae extract, encourages fat degradation, while simultaneously preventing the formation of new fat storage cells3.

*Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

How to use

Apply morning and/or evening on to targeted areas. Massage in circular movements until gel is completely absorbed.


Discover our active ingredients, prowered by bioscience.

This ingredients list is subject to change. Consumers should refer to the product packaging for the most relevant ingredients list. In case of problem, please contact the consumer care center.

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