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Discover all the latest trends in skincare from Biotherm. Learn more about how to address your specific skin concerns, browse our newest products, and how Biotherm Water Lovers is committed to oceanic sustainability.

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Control skin aging

The best routine to control your skin aging

6 July 2020
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Lost in the world of skincare? Biotherm is here to help you master it. Here, you will find the answers of the most common skincare questions you may have asked yourself regarding anti-aging, hydration, skin issues, and the right products to apply on your skin according to your skin type. Cleasing and moisturizing, creams and serums, dry skin and oily skin, all the possible skin products and concerns will no longer be unknown to you!


Water has always been part of Biotherm’s DNA. In 2012, Biotherm cemented this deep connection via the Biotherm Water Lovers program: first, an integral part of Biotherm’s ongoing environmental mission is to develop sustainable circular economy hence reduce fossil plastic consumption. Secondly, the Biotherm Water Lovers program works with NGO partners on research and education about ocean preservation, especially by creating products that respect marine life.

In good hands

Three, seven or ten steps routine? Lotion before or after the serum? how to apply a moisturizer? how to get natural tan? By being one of the most innovative market, skincare can become a real dilemna when it comes to choose the routine that will best match your skin and to apply it in a way that will deliver your skin all its right benefices. Here are our top articles to guide you through all the basics of skincare regarding your face, body or sun care.

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